Refund Policy

At Airline Ticket - US, our paramount goal is to deliver exceptional travel services tailored to your diverse needs. In line with this commitment, we've crafted a comprehensive Refund Policy to ensure a seamless and transparent refund process.

Notification of Refunds

Refund requests made through Airline Ticket - US are diligently processed within 24 hours of notification.

Rare Flight Cancellations:
  • While flight cancellations are infrequent, unforeseen circumstances such as adverse weather conditions may lead to cancellations.
  • Refund eligibility in such cases is subject to specific airline policies.

Direct Control Disclaimer:
  • As an intermediary, Airline Ticket - US, also known as "Airline Tickets," does not directly control the refund process.
  • Refunds are governed solely by the policies outlined by the respective airlines.

Dedicated Customer Service:
  • For any further clarification or assistance related to our Refund Policy, our dedicated customer service team is at your disposal.
  • We are committed to providing prompt and comprehensive support to address any concerns or queries you may have.

Contact Us for a Seamless Journey

Feel free to reach out to Airline Ticket - US for any assistance or questions regarding our Refund Policy. Your satisfaction is our priority, and our dedicated customer service team is here to ensure your journey with us is as smooth as possible. Thank you for choosing Airline Ticket - US, where your travel experience takes center stage!

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